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  • Brood extensions for for cheap Chinese mini mating nucs

  • Please state your location & condition of the item for sale. Contact should be made through private messages.
Please state your location & condition of the item for sale. Contact should be made through private messages.
 #5420  by Chrisbarlow
 09 Jan 2020, 14:11
A see on eBay that you can now get Chinese double mini mating nucs, they've finally started copying the apideas.
 #5428  by AdamD
 10 Jan 2020, 09:25
I have two apideas and one of the Chinese copies which I got to see how good it was. An extension might be useful and would look more elegant than this which posted the other day!

I have a dozen or so Swi-Bine mini nucs too which are showing signs of age with the poly being chewed around the entrances and little bits breaking off - The Apideas are wearing too but I tend not to use them much and one has the feeder chewed through by wax moth so it leaks. So I am not too inclined to continue buying little poly ones although I might succumb to temptation! However you only have to get one queen out of one mini nuc to make it financially worthwhile to buy.

I have a number of wooden nucs which take these frames which work quite well.
 #5442  by Sipa
 11 Jan 2020, 20:24
The original Apideas, extension brood boxes, feeders etc realy are worth the money.
They are durable lasting many seasons of hard work, flexible in use and easy to manage.

As for the Chinese knock offs.... I can't offer an honest assesment myself but hear they are soft and break easily.
 #5511  by Alfred
 16 Jan 2020, 19:25
I bought a cheapo one just because it was £6 in the BE sales.
My Apidea stands out on sheer quality of materials and subtle design features, but they both work the same.
The Chinese one is fairly substantial but I think the polystyrene will degrade sooner than the genuine item.
Accidentally dropping that brick will smash either of them though :shock:
 #5520  by AdamD
 17 Jan 2020, 17:15
I think the Chinese poly is a bit softer and my expectation is that it won't last as long - time will tell; I haven't painted mine yet as it did one season since new and is on the 'things to do' list. The genuine articles have not been painted either; they are a few years old and don't seem to be deteriorating due to sunlight.
 #5522  by Japey Edge
 17 Jan 2020, 21:52
I've got one of the cheap polystyrene ones. I painted it and gave the feeder a thin coat. Some here might remember it from when I ended up getting a queen raised out of it.
It's decent, although it dents easily. I wouldn't say I have to treat it too carefully but it wouldn't take any harsh treatment.
I bought four more. Buy them cheap enough and it's worth it in my eyes.