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Environmental issues and concerns that affect beekeeping.
 #5359  by AdamD
 21 Dec 2019, 12:24
The bushfires in Australia are quite devastating, and since this story, it's probably got worse :(
 #5449  by AdamD
 12 Jan 2020, 11:09
There's a piece here from bee culture about the fires in OZ
 #5452  by Chrisbarlow
 12 Jan 2020, 13:23
thanks for sharing Adam.
 #5490  by Caroline
 15 Jan 2020, 12:17
When you read a report like this, any beekeeping 'problems' we may think we have, pale into insignificance....... .
 #5494  by Alfred
 15 Jan 2020, 19:06
Not good at all.
Those Notre Dame colonies got off lightly.

I saw a nature documentary featuring clever tricks some creatures do to get an advantage.
One was a type of eagle(possibly in Aus) that waits at the edge of bush fires for prey escaping the flames.
However when the fire subsides the food flow stops.
The bird will often pick up a glowing ember or twig and drop it in the next patch of dry scrub setting off the process again.
I wonder.......