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 #5099  by Alfred
 28 Oct 2019, 16:23
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Amazing skip dip - a precut 18"square of 3mm perspex,spent an hour framing it with offcuts -otherwise zero coin.
Didn't really need one ,I just wanted to get Patrick fidgeting uncontrollably :twisted:
 #5100  by Chrisbarlow
 28 Oct 2019, 19:08
It looks great. Nice one
 #5103  by Patrick
 28 Oct 2019, 23:52
Wow - that looks a spot on piece of kit - nice framing job Alfred!

The only fidgeting I can muster is irritation you obviously get a more useful standard of skip contents than we ever do :D
 #5104  by Alfred
 29 Oct 2019, 07:59
Thanks chaps
The timber strips are from Louvre doors I routered down the rounded sides flat and to 3/4"width.Theyre 6mm thick on both sides of the sheet which should be perfect.
I get access to commercial/industrial skips in addition to my opportunistic domestic selection too.
I'm known by lots of names at work (Uncle Bulgaria and That Fkn Old Womble Again being the milder ones)
My chronic hoarding condition also means I have inventory at hand.
Next up is insulation.
The employer has "donated"an end of roll of this

There's just enough to go around the floor ,BB,and super of one hive.
Apparently it's breathable and thermally superior to 60mm Kingspan.
I'll have to work out how to get the roof on and also disguise it a bit otherwise the hive would look like something that fell off a Sputnik
 #5109  by Patrick
 29 Oct 2019, 22:43
Similar to this material used as a quilt or ”crownboard” by some.

Be interested to see how colony in such a hive generally does comparable to others uninsulated. Unfortunately pretty difficult to isolate only a single variable.