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 #4532  by Chris B&W
 15 Aug 2019, 23:26
I have a a CFM 15 frame electric honey extractor which is slowing down under load. Any ideas on how to fix it or to get it fixed.
I bought it at Tradex in 2015.
 #4533  by Chrisbarlow
 16 Aug 2019, 08:07
I would suggest contacting the supplier in the first instance. Is CFM supplied by fritz?
 #4535  by AdamD
 16 Aug 2019, 11:59
Are the bearings OK? Sometimes there's simply one ball bearing under the central shaft of the extractor - and it is easily lost as I know to my peril. And if the top bearing is binding, the thing could slow down. A drop of olive oil might do the trick.
If the rotating frame is dragging on un-discharged honey in the base of the extractor, then the motor will struggle.
 #4538  by Patrick
 16 Aug 2019, 15:32
Hi Chris

2015 doesn’t sound very old so brushes in the motor should not have worn out yet surely. That’s quite a bit of kit, is it in only occasional or fairly heavy use?

When you say it slows down under load, do you mean it doesn’t speed up - or does then falters? Assume you are already familiar with its use re loading evenly etc and as Adam says, as the tank fills up underneath the bottom of the loaded cage it can drag into the surface of the honey below, which will drastically slow rotation.

Not familiar with this model but could have a slipping clutch mechanism which slips under load which is worn?

If nothing obvious then think a chat with makers is a good plan.