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Bee Hive building & a place to share howto's on equipment
 #5168  by MickBBKA
 10 Nov 2019, 01:01
NigelP wrote:
20 Sep 2019, 20:15
After buying some of the Abelo adjustable stands (just add wood) There is n o going back. Brilliant, take 4 hives and can be set up level on any terrain. One of my heather sites is on a big slope...worth their weight in gold....they aren't cheap but perhaps not that expensive...
Tackle Tart :D :D
 #5709  by Japey Edge
 11 Feb 2020, 09:49
Thanks Chris, there's probably some influence from there. I found a lot of information on another forum and was sent some plans and adapted mine to suit me. Thinking long term I went for a footprint of 460x460 rather than having an extended landing board. Will be better for packaging away.

Hopefully next season I will see the bees better defend against wasps.
 #5710  by NigelP
 11 Feb 2020, 13:06
Alas, not with underfloor entrances, despite many peoples claims.
I think the logic works something like this.... I have a strong colony on an underfloor entrances that isn't getting bothered by wasps, ergo the underfloor entrance is the wasp deterrent.
Nope, it's having a strong colony. If you have a weak colony on an underfloor entrances they can still be decimated by wasps, assuming the wasps find them.....which isn't always the case. You can get a weak colony not even bothered by wasps because easier forage is available for the wasps. It's complex and there are more factors involved than many suspect.
I've seen it happen in weak Langstroths with narrower underfloor entrances than the ones' you've made,....I'd make some of Steve's tunnel entrances to slip inside just in case...or some like those cable trunk ones you kindly fitted to my Nuc.

I like the simplicity of the tunnel entrance as it can be slid in when required and narrowed down as required with extra shims of wood. See Steve's pictures below.

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