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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #5707  by Patrick
 10 Feb 2020, 13:46
Quick walk at lunchtime. Unsurprisingly more trees down and some nasty hang ups. Saw first blackthorn tree in full bloom, bit optimistic maybe but still raises the spirits.

Even though winds gusting to 40 / 50mph today according to BBC, still one hive had bees coming in an out. Tough ladies indeed. Respect :)
 #5711  by NigelP
 11 Feb 2020, 13:23
Must be warmer where you are Patrick, wind chill is giving -2C where we are and not a bee in sight.
Took advantage of the non flying to move hives to one side, stick some black weed suppression membrane under the hive stands and place some of the "greener" caravan awning flooring behind which the grass will grow through and knit together. Aim is fill over the black with wood chippings. And now I will be able to strim and tidy without "annoying" the bees in summer.
This out apiary is really suffering from the wet we have had so should also prevent me turning it into a paddy field come early spring. And boy was it windy and cold......brrrrrr

 #5760  by Patrick
 23 Feb 2020, 10:16
Still a hooley blowing. Went to check hives, no flying and most really lightening up which is entirely fine as long as we get a reasonable March and some early foraging.

Thoughts now on whether will need to feed as an insurance in case March is poor. Run out of bakers fondant, normal suppliers have none so thinking may make some or even try Chris’s sugar block thing. Bit tricky this time of year as only trying to tide them over not bulk feed and needs proportional effort as we are not talking just the one hive.

Alternatively, there are also a couple which are if anything too heavy - I fear they may be on the way out or have succumbed already but let’s see in a few weeks . I have been wrong before and there ain’t much useful I can do just now.

Sometimes the colonies slow out of the blocks in the Spring still go on to great things later on. Cross fingers.
 #5761  by Chrisbarlow
 23 Feb 2020, 10:30
The sugar blocks worked a treat but no doubt a faf as I effectively baked them to harden them off.

If you want fondant try Shepcotes in Driffield, I "believe" they delivery country wide . You'd need to check.
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