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Bee's Need Flowers...… whats more to say?
 #3847  by Chrisbarlow
 28 Jun 2019, 21:55
Ive seen my first water balsam flower this week. I have high expectations.
 #3877  by Chrisbarlow
 04 Jul 2019, 14:05
Brambles looks like a really good year, I've see an amazing amount in flower this week
 #4091  by Chrisbarlow
 14 Jul 2019, 22:52
theres an aweful lot fo ragwort out at the moment and the privet has also started flowering
 #4094  by NigelP
 15 Jul 2019, 08:42
Balsam just starting to flower, quite patchy but there is lots of it.. Lots of bramble and it's possible, just possible that they may have been on the lime in this hot humid weather. The Balsam is usually ignored by my bees until it's the only available nectar source.
Not sure if meadow cranes-bill is a nectar source for bees but roadside verges full of it.
Going to moors today to assess when to take more hives up there.
 #4106  by Chrisbarlow
 15 Jul 2019, 18:07
I've seen rosebay today. I was quite surprised. NP let us know what your thoughts on the Heather are.
 #4112  by NigelP
 16 Jul 2019, 09:54
No rosebay out around here.
Bell heather has been out for a few weeks but depends where you are for density. Just seeing the first bits of ling turning pink, but on only in sheltered's a week or two off....
 #4121  by Chrisbarlow
 17 Jul 2019, 10:47
Thanks NP. I'll be taking a box when it's out
 #4235  by Chrisbarlow
 23 Jul 2019, 14:22
Thistle, privet, brambles, rosebay Willow Herb, gorse and balsam all out.
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