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Bee Hive building & a place to share howto's on equipment
 #3329  by Patrick
 31 May 2019, 22:27
The only reason I can think why the crownboard might need a minimum (or maybe maximum) size feed hole is to “fit” a particular feeder entrance.

Within reason, I can’t see any need for precision. Like you say, for 95% of the year it’s blocked off. I only use the feeder hole for fondant (sometimes) or a round rapid or contact feeder. Most of my bulk feeds are with English feeder that just needs to line up with the hole, size or shape is not critical. Miller or Ashworth feeders dispense with crown boards entirely apart from as a lid for the feeder. So location and size may be more about your existing feeder requirements.
 #3701  by Japey Edge
 22 Jun 2019, 18:23
I'm waiting for my brother to make me a rip fence and crosscut sled for my table saw. For some reason my brand new table saw came without a rip fence.
When I get it back and I'm able to cut straight I'll be finishing my perspex crown board and then progressing with my crazy brood box idea.

Aside from that, all I seem to be doing is dismantling and cutting cardboard boxes and turning them into smoker cartridges. I have more than I can shake a stick at!

Oh, and I made up a load of frames. I think I need a nail gun. This hammer malarkey is taking too much time. Too much hammer time.
 #3878  by Chrisbarlow
 04 Jul 2019, 14:06
Managed to get to the maisemores Saturday sale just gone. Brought more free, still making em up. Also exchanged a bit of wax for foundation
 #4055  by Chrisbarlow
 12 Jul 2019, 19:02
Not as much making but destroying. Been sterilising some brood boxes with a roofers burner. Worked a treat. I bought a cheap one from eBay and it's was crap . Borrowed one from a buddy a rothenberger one which is brilliant.
 #4168  by Alfred
 19 Jul 2019, 16:36
My old router seized up after 10 years collecting dust so I treated myself to a bargain on Prime day ,a Bosch 12oo
I'm doing some ekes to convert excess supers to temp broods.
I tried to use the rubbish table saw on a trial piece to do the rebate inside the end walls but wasn't accurate enough and would have got too much /no endfloat on the frames.
So I need the new toy for the main batch.
I do.
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