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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #3574  by Chrisbarlow
 14 Jun 2019, 19:08
A really good app that every beekeeper who goes to remote locations should have. "what3words"

This app helps you share a location with any one else. it maps every 3 sq m across the planet and each square has a unique set of 3 words that pinpoints that square. As some apiaries can be quite isolated, if there is an emergency where you need to contact the emergency services, this can help emergency services pinpoint your location. this is being rolled out across the country. I know it is used in my county

If you have an apiary that is remote or dificult to explain to some one where it is, then you might want to consider this.
 #3576  by Chrisbarlow
 14 Jun 2019, 19:37
NigelP wrote:
14 Jun 2019, 19:24
Have used it for a while.
The drawback is it's not linked to an SOS service that sends the unique three words to...
fairpoint NP but it is still superior to what most people have at the moment, you never know , in time, you might get what you want.
 #3585  by Chrisbarlow
 14 Jun 2019, 22:00
NigelP wrote:
14 Jun 2019, 21:04
:D I have this vision of dialling 99 and saying Squid/telegraph/quiche....
Do you think they will realise it's an emergency or an idiot on the other end.... :o :o
LMAO, much better than turnip, stung, bottom

Your safe NP. thats some where in Argentina

I know West Yorkshire Police now use the system, dunno about North though.
 #4517  by Chrisbarlow
 15 Aug 2019, 09:15
An excellent story here from the BBC

BBC News - What3words: The app that can save your life

Every beekeeper should have this app in their phone
 #4519  by Japey Edge
 15 Aug 2019, 09:32
Interesting Chris - Hamsterley Forest is not far from me at all.
I was having a look at it yesterday on my computer and it seems pretty good. We have arborists in the family so could be very useful for them.