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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #3488  by Patrick
 11 Jun 2019, 08:13
Disappearing queens - cracking supers apart to extract revealed second hive this year where “disappeared” new queen had got into supers and was laying. Very irritating.

I don’t normally look in supers from when they go on to when they come off. Sometimes a white drone pupa in the broken brace comb between boxes is a heads up that an emerged virgin you are waiting to start laying hasn’t disappeared on a mating flight- she has just gone upstairs.

I suspect it is more common than often admitted, as you do feel a bit of a chump. Can happen several ways so may be operator error or not.

Interesting side note in this situation bees appear to move honey out of middle of super frames to make way for brood. Not obviously back into the brood box though.