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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #84  by DianeBees
 23 Jul 2018, 18:28
My name is Diane and this is my sixth year of beekeeping. I use mostly wooden nationals but have got a couple of poly hives to try out.
 #87  by Jim Norfolk
 23 Jul 2018, 19:16
Hi Diane, I'm Jim, beekeeping 11 years and. Downsized from 15 colonies on two sites to two WBCs in the garden, currently just 50 yds from the North Sea.
 #101  by Davebeluc
 24 Jul 2018, 15:16
Hi All, only started this season, have 2 National hives 1 with a caught swarm and 1 with a purchased nuc, have additional 2 Nationals ready for next year. :D :D
 #184  by Vickers
 03 Aug 2018, 23:22
Hi I'm Paul and this is my first year at beekeeping. I started of in April with 1 hive transferred into a poly hive and 1 nuc. I now have 7 hives. Have had a great year with all hives big and strong and 15lt of honey harvested and they are still producing honey. :D
 #193  by Roo
 06 Aug 2018, 10:34
Hi everyone . I'm Dawn and only one hive at the moment, a national with deep brood box.
Hoping to get a lot more in the near future. I'm a member of peterboutgh bka and BIBBA .
 #200  by AdamD
 06 Aug 2018, 15:20
Hi Dawn, Welcome to the forum. Will you be going to the BIBBA conference next month? I went a couple of years ago and would like to do this one but it's looking unlikely this time for me :(
 #246  by Vicky
 10 Aug 2018, 19:51
Hi vicky here from Shropshire, 2nd year with 2 hives. Had one super of honey from strong hive this year, hoping to get both through winter.
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