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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #8973  by pingping
 21 Sep 2020, 15:56
Yes Steve, it is a long box, but not as you know it. Entrance, air and ventilation, beespaces, roofs, supers, insulation all novel. The equipment I use to manipulate them quickly is novel too. The supers at brood size is just convenience for having plenty of brood frames to hand. The slowest part in constructing the hives is making the frames with a nailer and that doesn't include the primary manufacture (I think I counted 16 passes through different profilers to make a 19th century hoffman) so I've changed that too to one frame that fits any hive and takes under a minute to make up and fit wax. Its actually been quite good fun being totally iconoclastic with so many sacred cows.