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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #8186  by NigelP
 11 Jul 2020, 16:44
Interesting day.
I had a phone call from a customer who want a full frame of it happens I was clearing off some supers so was able to oblige. I can usually get about 4 cut comb on a fully capped super,with a few bits left over. So asked for £25. perhaps a little too little, but hey ho. Just had a phone call from customers neighbour could he have one as well.....Yes of course....
Been meaning to sell full frames for some time so have now invested in packaging and a stand to hold the frame in....they are not cheap, about £7 each.
What would you charge for a full frame with a stand and nice packaging?
I'm thinking £40.....but open to suggestions.
And the real bonus....less honey to extract...but will need another freezer to store them in.
 #8187  by AndrewLD
 11 Jul 2020, 17:03
Sorry Nigel - can't help you on the price but I can say that I stayed at a hotel "Gardesana" on Lake Garda where every morning at breakfast there was a frame of honey on a stand with a drip tray underneath that had a small spout leading to a jar.
You could help yourself to some comb or just spoon out some honey from the jar onto your yoghurt / cornflakes etc.
Great idea....
 #8190  by Chrisbarlow
 11 Jul 2020, 18:28
I would suggest the £40 range
 #8201  by Chrisbarlow
 12 Jul 2020, 12:16
curly green finger's wrote:
12 Jul 2020, 11:33
I've been asked by one of my outlets for full frames of honey and I would be putting £75.. I think it's all in the presentation etc.
I hope your keeping well nigel
May I enquire, where are you based?
 #8205  by NigelP
 12 Jul 2020, 13:59
Hi Mark, fit and well, but calamities with hive stands falling over.
I don't think anyone in this area would pay £75 for a full super frame. I've seen them on ebay for £40 with free postage and the guy I'm getting the packaging and stands from sells his at £60 with free postage.
I'm not expecting to sell many but our local Kurdish community will be taking more unpackaged. So I've bought yet another freezer to store some in. If they don't sell then I can always extract later....anything to put off more extracting.
 #9304  by Chrisbarlow
 21 Oct 2020, 10:56
Has anyone changed their pricing structure recently?
 #9556  by Chrisbarlow
 04 Dec 2020, 10:07
I guess not then :lol: