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General Q&A, Bee chat and only Bee chat please
 #5472  by AndrewLD
 13 Jan 2020, 13:53
As this thread has gone off piste from "what have you done today etc" I wonder if a kind moderator could transfer the last few posts (from mine on 12th) to a new thread entitled " Shook swarm or conventional swarm control" - Patrick / Adam ??????

I have moved the posts relating to a shook swarm to "Shook Swarm" in the 'Intermediate and Advanced' section of the forum.
 #5473  by Alfred
 13 Jan 2020, 14:18
What have I done bee related?
Other than forum discussions around shook swarm :twisted:
Looked at restoring some vintage boxes
Just looked mind you.
Four rotten planks loosely nailed at the woodworm-crumbly corners don't ever get a second glance even for firewood but lay a pair of new frame runners on... :o
 #5478  by Caroline
 14 Jan 2020, 15:02
Just got back indoors soaking wet after re-stacking my honey supers that the strong wind last night picked-up and threw across the garden. I can hardly move one of the concrete slabs that sits on top of the first stack, but the wind had no problem in chucking 10ft.
The supers are stacked between the side of the shed and garden fence, with a wall running across the back. Gap only slightly wider than supers, and stacks no higher than fence, , so nicely sheltered you would think. Must have been a mini cyclone.
So I found my nice clean and dry super frames wet/muddy/smashed/covered in slugs.
Have everything up and put back together the best I can for now. Guess I'll have to go through the lot and sort out properly when there's a dry sunny spell.
What a b* nuisance!!
 #5479  by Alfred
 14 Jan 2020, 15:19
It was a severe one Caroline.
It's the total rainfall that's scuppered my plans- 700+ early bulbs and 10000 cornflower seeds for spring forage all rotten in the quagmire.
It's like walking on stew.
 #5482  by nealh
 14 Jan 2020, 20:37
Finished putting together six new OMF floors with under floor entrance, to replace some current OMF's with front entrance.
I now have floors that are uniform in size and all can now use the exact same size insert, my current floors inc spares although BS size have varying different size inserts due to the materials used by suppliers.
Just now need a light sanding a coat of clear preserve and then a paint applied to look pretty.
Total cost about £40 for the timber, preserver & screws. The mesh I have utilised from older spare OMF's and cut down to the smaller size now required.
Once completely finished I will make another three for spares.
 #5485  by AndrewLD
 15 Jan 2020, 08:01
Under-floor entrances? Not familiar with that - what's the idea?
Out in the rain & wind supporting strapped super stack that I only just twigged in time could act as a sail and pull over the whole double stand and take a hive with it - d'ohhh. By the sounds of it we got off lightly here.
Sorry to hear about the loss of bulbs etc and damaged supers - very frustrating.
Sign of things to happen again now the weather change seems to be accelerating :(
 #5493  by nealh
 15 Jan 2020, 19:04
No mouse guard required, design allows for a permanent full width entrance of 8 - 9mm spacing.
No need to adjust entrances or mess with entrance blocks , bees come and go at will with no queuing /waiting.
Entrance lines up with approx. the third seam of bees so intruders are encountered with a comb full of bees to try and gain access.
No frontal direct approach in , not to wasps liking .

My main reason was to make new floors all using the same size timber and to have same size insert, over the years I have bought equipment from various vendors and all floors are made with slightly different size timbers meaning sorting out which insert goes where. Whilst also thinking to make all uniform and one fits all, decide to try another entrance design.
 #5496  by Alfred
 15 Jan 2020, 19:45
How have you done yours Neal?
I chickened out of doing UFE's last time because I was concerned about the ports becoming blocked with carcasses on some of the designs on t'internet-bits of pipe and mesh boxes.
I dont need help killing my bees, Ive got that covered...
Maybe next time.

I have floors of different hights too and its frustrating.
For now Ill just build up the shortest ones up to the same as the tallest one and have a go at underfloor when they're due for replacement.
Purely by chance all the varroa boards are already similar to the point of being interchangebleish ;)
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